Ask an expert: 5 mistakes to avoid when promoting online

Ask an expert: 5 mistakes to avoid when promoting online

There is no real recipe for a promotional campaign that is successful online, actually, success depends on many factors including having a clear and catchy message and constant work towards communications. Here are 5 errors that you must avoid at all costs when you want to promote your company (products, services, promotions) online.

1 – Announce only at one place:

If you only use Facebook to communicate your message to the world, you are missing the boat big time! Use ALL social media including Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Delicious, and Google +. Post to your blog and send a newsletter.

2 – Announce only once:

Plan your campaign for the info to be disclosed from time to time BUT without saturating your resources. Be careful though, you risk losing followers if you’re too insistant. How many times a day do you announce your promo on Facebook for example? It depends on the duration of your promotion! A week? 1 times a day is enough in my opinion (post early in the day). You launch at a specific date? Disclose the information gradually, build interest … Involve your audience in guessing games …

3 – Advertise always in the same way:

Use different texts, do not post the same thing on different social media. Use different visual (but that have a link to them. Think campaign with several posters). Make reminders at the end of your blog posts, ask loyal customers to send your info to their network … In short, use your creativity!

4 – Advertise to the wrong market or “everybody”:

I cannot say it often enough, it’s a waste of your time and your resources if you promote to a market that is not receptive to your product. And do not try to reach “everyone.” It’s a mistake that only dilutes your message. You want to sell and have a successful promotion? Focus as much as possible to your niche. Women 25 to 50 years old is not a specific market; You don’t reach and speak the same way to a 25 year old women vs a 50 year-old. How to determine your niche? It contains a group of people who have the same problem that your product solves.

5 – Do not be announcing:

If your promotion is only used to announce something, you’ve missed your purpose! A promotion is there to gather information (emails, news letter, etc.) of your customers or potential customers in order to retain them in the future. So if you make a 2 for 1 sale, make sure your customers have to share some info of them that seems minimal compared to their win in the promotion. Ditto for a contest, promotion of a launch, free ebook, etc..

Your Turn! Do you have any other errors learned from experience? Share them in the comments! Questions? I will be pleased to answer them 😉 Consultation for a specific project? We have PRECISELY an ongoing promo for you 😉

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