On openness and opportunities

On openness and opportunities

Hey there, long time no see! I missed you, missed the writing, the creation, the WWW and all its nonsense! For those who do not know me too well, my name is Valérie Parizeault, I’m the right brain of Studio Rose Flash, a brand strategist, DA, communicator, artist and entrepreneur at all hours. I am also an art teacher, mother of a tween, the favorite human of Mme Baril our cat and a taste-expert in joys big and small. I ‘d like success to be evaluated on happiness points and my keyboard to be coffee proof.

In short, I wanted to talk to you today about mindset (I kinda hate the overuse of that word by the way) but also about heartset, soulset and healthset. I didn’t invent these words btw, they were taken from the excellent book The 5am club, and according to the author they represent the 4 spheres of being to be nourished on a daily basis.

The Mindset

It represents the universe in your head, which is intellectual about you. It’s here that we find the learning of new concepts, notions. It’s here that we monitor our thoughts, that we manage our mental capacities, that we focus on delivering unparalleled productivity. It’s the psychological world.

The Heartset

The Heartset is the universe of the heart, love, passions, connections, courage and compassion. When we want to get involved in a cause, help a friend, be of service to a client, we call on our heartset. It is the emotional world.

The Healthset

It is the more physical aspect of our life, our overall health, physical and mental.

The Soulset

It is the fact of nourishing the spirit, the being, the consciousness. It’s the spiritual world.

So 4 zones to develop and maintain in order to live the best version of ourselves. That’s what I’m focusing on these days and, yeah, I get up at 5am to start my day with this philosophy. I will not give you a summary of the book, however I can confirm that:

  • I feel more “in shape” overall, physically and mentally.
  • I have better concentration.
  • My anxiety level has never been lower.
  • My productivity is really excellent.
  • I feel determined, creative, optimistic.

Not insignificant results which, since the month that I started practicing my new wellness routine, have given me an opening that has brought me interesting opportunities. (so to be continued on this side!)

However, the reason I share all of this with you is because I see it as a real benefit to your business and your entire life. It’s much more than just good habits to adopt, it’s a commitment to yourself to excel at happiness. #nothingless

Here you have it, I would like to know if you have adopted this type of commitment in your life and what were the benefits that you felt? Leave me your answers in the comments!<3

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