The Handy Marketing Consult

Whether you are just starting out or launching your favorite new product, a good communications strategy is a must to your business success. The Handy Marketing is a consulting service. We meet, assess your goals and we help you establish a quarterly plan including ideas for messages, visuals and promotions. This lending hand helps you stay strategic and focused while giving you a mountain of ideas.

(Re) Branding

Does your logo need a facelift? Would you like a collection of images, illustrations and messages personalized to your brand? In our eyes, a quality corporate image goes a long way to reflecting your professionalism. This image must be recognizable, convey positive values ​​and must be relevant to your market. Whether it is to establish or refresh your visual identity, innovate in your corporate communications or develop an effective brand strategy, we are here to combine our vast experience with our creativity to give you a positive impact.

Your Web Empire

A website has become a must in any communication plan, however if your website isn’t bringing you a steady stream of leads, it’s a sword in the water! Here we see websites as part of a sales generation ecosystem. Not only should it perform visually and message-wise, it also needs to be part of a social media strategy that automatically brings you traffic and sales leads. We have the tools and expertise to develop your own web ecosystem.

Your Marketing Departement

If you have ongoing marketing needs, our team can work with you on an ad hoc basis to ensure maximum impact and continuity in your communications. Contact us to assess your needs and together we will create a personalized plan that will accompany you all year round. This service gives you priority monthly hours and preferential pricing.

Do you have questions about our services, our prices or do you have a special project? Contact us by email or by phone at 514-582-7673

What’s next? Let’s Zoom!

If you would like a quote for one of our services, first contact Valérie, she will give you a zoom or phone appointment so that she can properly assess your needs. IMPORTANT: We no longer make quotes without this initial contact which lasts approximately 15 minutes. Contact us by email or by phone at 514-582-7673